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Cancellation Policy & Scheduling Changes
We schedule all flights on a definite basis and do not overbook flights. When you make reservations to fly, we ensure specific space in the balloon for your party. If we are full for a certain flight, we must turn away potential customers. Last-minute changes or cancellations affect our schedule as well as other passengers' plans. Therefore, we have a generous cancellation policy in effect to protect everyone in case plans happen to change.
  • Cancellations or reservation changes at least 48 hours prior to the meeting time are permitted. Perhaps plans have changed or there is a scheduling conflict that has come up? That's perfectly fine - just give us a little bit of notice and there's no penalty whatsoever.
  • Cancellations within 24-48 hours of the meeting time may result in forfeiture of any flight deposit (Typically 50% of total flight cost), or the equivalent amount pre-charged to the credit card on hold if applicable.
  • Should you fail to show up at the scheduled meeting time, or cancel less than 24 hours in advance of our meeting time, the full flight fare will be due. Failing to show up at all - or arriving late enough to miss the flight - is considered a "no-show." Person holding flight reservations on a Gift Certificate shall be considered flown, making the Gift Certificate "Void" for future use

Gift Certificate Information & Policies

Your gift certificate is your proof of purchase and is to be presented as payment on the day of the flight. Do not lose it! You may keep it afterwards if you'd like.

Gift Certificates are valid for a maximum of one year from the date of purchase.  Each certificate has its own Flight Number and "Valid Through" date which is clearly marked in the bottom corner. The Flight Number is your reference number to use when calling us and is how we keep track of your flight information. Keep it handy when calling to schedule or check in for a flight, and it'll help make the process go very smoothly.

Schedule your flight as soon as possible. Don't wait to schedule your flight until the last 30 days of the valid period. Weather cancellations can and do occur. As stated above, there are no extensions!

Gift Certificates are non-refundable but are fully transferable. However, you should call us at the time of transfer so we may document any changes and make updates in our flight planning.

Meeting & Balloon Launch Times

  • AM Flights:
Our meeting time is 30 minutes before official sunrise for all morning hot air balloon flights in Phoenix/Scottsdale.
  • PM Flights:
Our meeting time is two hours before official sunset for afternoon hot air balloon rides in Phoenix/Scottsdale.
  • You will be notified at the time you make your reservation of the meeting time.
  • If you need directions, are lost, or are running late, call us directly anytime. 

Late Arrivals & No-Shows

Please allow extra travel time for traffic. Late arrivals will count as a "No Show" unless all other passengers flying in the balloon are willing to delay launch for your arrival (not likely!)

Passenger Check-In

  • Please call to check in for your flights by 5 PM the day prior to your flight. Passengers who fail to check-in may be considered "No Show" and forfeit any their reservation and deposit.
  • Weather for hot air ballooning in Phoenix is generally favorable most days out of the year. If the weather will be bad enough to cause cancellation of the balloon flight, we will attempt to contact you as early as possible prior to the meeting time. Otherwise, we expect you to arrive at our meeting location at the specified time. Once you confirm your flight, consider "No News Is Good News", we will only contact you if there is a  change or cancellation.
  • Be sure to give us a valid cell phone number at the time of booking so we can inform you of any last minute changes or cancellation.
Assumption of Risk Agreement (Passenger Waiver)

We do our absolute best to minimize and avoid risk to you and ourselves. Prior to flight  the Pilot will give a "Pre-Flight Briefing", similar to what you can expect before your commercial airline flight departs. This briefing is meant to inform you of valuable safety information. Every passenger must be present for this briefing. You will have a chance to ask questions so feel free.

There are inherent dangers in absolutely everything we do each day. You can get hurt doing anything - driving a car, taking a shower, crossing the road, mowing your lawn, climbing a flight of stairs, or riding a bicycle. Ballooning is not a magical exception to this rule. 

All passengers must read, understand, and sign our Assumption of Risk Agreement. In the case of minors under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian must sign the Agreement. Please take the time to view and understand our Assumption of Risk Agreement before  fly with us. Due to Insurance requirements, passengers who refuse to sign the Assumption of Risk Agreement will not be flown.

This Agreement does not absolve us from responsibility - it is our absolute duty to minimize risks and ensure the safety of all people in the air and on the ground. We expect to never have the need to use these signed pieces of paper for their intended purpose. We reserve the right to cancel the flight, at no cost to you, should we feel an unsafe condition exists.

Medical Concerns

Our Pilots and crew are not trained medical professional and cannot judge any medical condition as safe for flight. We must be notified before the flight of any possible medical condition which would be cause for concern. Such conditions may include but are not limited to:
  • Requirement for oxygen breathing equipment, kidney machines, etc.
  • Long Term or Debilitating illnesses
  • Pregnancy
  • Osteoporosis
  • Inability to stand for extended periods, reliance on a walker/cane, etc.
  • Recent Major Surgeries, Broken Bones, Joint Replacements, etc.
  • In most cases, we should be able to accommodate the passenger in question; however, we need to know what limitations may be present so we can plan for a safe experience. If in doubt, consult your physician about the suitability of a balloon flight. Keep in mind the possible landing conditions that may be experienced.
Please note: Unfortunately, wheelchair-bound passengers cannot be accommodated in our balloons. There are only a handful of specially-equipped wheelchair hot air balloons in existence in the world. Per FAA regulations, passengers clearly under the influence of drugs or alcohol cannot and will not be flown. Refunds will not be given for those who arrive in a such a state.
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