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Personalized Expeience

 A Personalized Balloon Tour  with Arizona Balloon Flights is the best way to enjoy your first ballooning experience. The whole balloon is yours for the extent of the tour! Just you, your guest and the Balloon Pilot will be on board. The entire flight will be tailored to your desire of experiencing ballooning at its basic form. Our hot air balloon flights are much more intimate than most, with only two or four passengers on each flight. We also take special flight paths to give you an up-close-and-personal encounter with the Desert Flora and Fauna. We know you might take just one hot air balloon ride in your life, so we try to make it magical. Check this one off your Bucket List!


Total Experience

Your Balloon Flight adventure begins as we transport you from our meeting location to one of the various launch sites we have. After a quick study of the wind currents and weather forecast, your personal Balloon Pilot will choose the best launch site to give you the best flight.  A flight with our highly trained Pilots and Crew means you will enjoy every minute and feel safe in their capable hands. Help us inflate and pack-up if you want or sit back relax and enjoy the show as our Team does all the work to make your Experience an enjoyable one.


Complete the Experience and Earn Your Wings

Arizona Balloon Flights still honors the old tradition of "First Flight" by awarding each passenger a specially designed lapel pin, a traditional sip of Champagne and a personalized Flight Certificate.

Are reservations required?

Yes, we do require reservations. Call us direct at  602-469-7262 or use our convenient online reservation system. You can even use it  to check availability. 

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Is hot air ballooning safe?


Hot air balloons are registered aircraft which follow FAA safety and maintenance standards, just like a commercial airliner. All balloon pilots are licensed and trained according to rigorous standards, and specific safety mechanisms and equipment are required for every flight. Our pilots routinely attend Safety Seminars and Continued Education programs. 

How many people does it take to inflate a hot air balloon?

 Safely launching and flying a hot air balloon typically requires two crew members. Duties of the crew include putting together and setting up the balloon, following the hot air balloon in our chase vehicle, talking with landowners and getting permission to land the hot air balloon on their property, and making sure the property is left as it was originally found. 

How are balloons inflated?

 The hot air balloon envelope is hooked to the basket and then spread on the ground. A gasoline powered fan fills the envelope with cold air with the balloon stretched out on it's side. Once the envelope is packed with air from the fan, the pilot lights a propane burner, and heats up the air inside the balloon. With a few short squeezes of the burner, the hot air balloon stands upright, and is ready for launch. Typically, the entire inflation takes about 15 - 20 minutes. 

What should we wear? Does it get cold?

At our max altitude, the temperature will only be a few degrees lower. Fortunately, you’ll have the heat of the burner to make up the difference. Wear comfortable , non-open toed shoes and comfortable clothing. You want to be able to easily and comfortably get in and out of the basket.  Dress in layers. Mornings can be chilly in the desert but it warms up fast. Winter evenings cool off fast at sunset. Light jackets, Sweaters and Hoodies are all good to have but not always necessary to wear.

Medical Concerns

Our Pilots and crew are not trained medical professional and cannot judge any medical condition as safe for flight. We must be notified before the flight of any possible medical condition which would be cause for concern. Such conditions may include but are not limited to:

  • Requirement for oxygen breathing equipment, kidney machines, etc.
  • Long Term or Debilitating illnesses
  • Pregnancy
  • Osteoporosis
  • Inability to stand for extended periods, reliance on a walker/cane, etc.
  • Recent Major Surgeries, Broken Bones, Joint Replacements, etc.

In most cases, we should be able to accommodate the passenger in question; however, we need to know what limitations may be present so we can plan for a safe experience. If in doubt, consult your physician about the suitability of a balloon flight. Keep in mind the possible landing conditions that may be experienced.

Please Note

Unfortunately, wheelchair-bound passengers cannot be accommodated in our balloons. There are only a handful of specially-equipped wheelchair hot air balloons in existence in the world. Ask us to help you find a qualified Flight provider.

Per FAA regulations, passengers clearly under the influence of drugs or alcohol cannot and will not be flown. Refunds will not be given for those who arrive in a such a state.